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Our E-publication „MySpotlight“ series offers an interesting and in-depth reading experience for all outdoor and adventure seeking travelers to the US & Canada. Our magazines offer plenty of tips and suggestions for planning their next vacation into their dream destination. The niche market “Outdoor & Adventure” makes our E-magazines the perfect and highly targeted advertising option for North American tourism and hospitality companies to promote their business to interested travelers and the travel trade in German-speaking markets.

Tourism Marketing

With targeted marketing services we assist our destination and tourism clients to expand their market reach. The foundation of successful tourism marketing consists of in-depth experience of the country, the people and the culture. Armed with this extensive knowledge, our international TKK team aims to achieve the best results for your project.


We represent International Tradeshows as local contact in Canada, the US, and Germany. We provide your exhibitors and visitors with all information and guide them competently through the application and exhibition process. A local representative will assist your exhibitors to overcome language and cultural barriers to increase the positive experience with exhibiting overseas.